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The Premium Office Package provides an official mail address as well as a telephone or fax number in the U.S. This Package includes the Small Office Package and a phone and fax service with an US-American phone number which is also accessible in any country in the world. If you would like to offer your customers a direct telephone accessibility of your company with a local contact on site, please choose the Pro Office Package.

Our Premium Office Package includes the following services: 

- ALTON provides your U.S. company with an official business address in Miami, which address can also be used on your business cards and letterhead

- We scan mail sent to you here in Miami and, as a PDF by e-mail, send to you on a daily basis.

We forward your mail by mail whenever needed (actual mailing costs additional/not included in our monthly rate).

We will provide you a US-phone and fax number with the prefix of Miami (305) or another US-American prefix.  

- We
 will forward all incoming faxes automatically as a PDF file to your e-mail.

All incoming calls we will forward to you. All your customers will believe that you are physically in Miami. All incoming calls and faxes which will be forwarded to you will be charged separately.  

PBX System (optional) 
We optionally will provide you a PBX (private branch) system. This system almost works like an answering machine. You can choose an automatic announcement and other functions. For example, if one of your International or American customers tries to call your company, he or she can be forwarded to a responsible specialist, e.g. the Accountancy Department or the Sales Department. Further this system allows you to make external phone calls.

 The price for this package is $259 USD per month. 

- Plus a setup fee of $519 USD 
- No minimum term
- Termination with 3 months prior notice 

*(All prices are subject to additional taxes) 

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In August 2008 we decided to establish our company ACOS Corporation in Miami. After intensive internet researches and visits of several Forums, we decided to use the service of ALTON LLC. We were convinced by the price-performance ratio. The communication was good at any time and requests were answered immediately. Gladly we can recommend ALTON LLC for future interested parties.- Andre Affeldt (Acos Corporation)

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