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Starting a Business in the U.S. - We Take Action

At our menu item "Information" we have concentrated on general theoretical and basic information on the types of business entities: the Limited Liability Company (LLC) and the Corporation. Here, under "Founding", you will receive some practical information on the opportunities and constraints with the formation of both types of companies, more specific information on their creation, about our services, costs, and results. 

The sub-pages belonging to this item include:


Learn more about who can establish a LLC or a Corporation, how many people you need for the creation, and other important things that are needed to create your U.S. company. 


Here we want to describe for you an example of the procedures required to founding a LLC or a U.S. Corporation. For your company, learn more about the steps on the legal path to creating these U.S. business entitles.


What documents are necessary to form a LLC or a U.S. Corporation? The answer: not very many. If you want detailed information, please visit our page on "Documents".

Prices & Services

Two issues determine the choice of potential clients for or against a service provider: What do they offer? What do they achieve? What ALTON offers in terms of our services and costs, you can find on this page.


Every firm have its own recurring charges for services it performs. These costs are not high for founding a LLC, and nor are they particularly expensive for a Corporation. However, we prefer our rates for these services be transparent.

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When setting up business operations in the U.S. initially we had many open questions and uncertainties. We not only saved the high cost of a specialized lawyer, with ALTON LLC we found an experienced, and German-speaking, partner to not only found our company but also for consulting advice as well as for all our necessary office services such as postal services, telephone and fax services, and much more - and all to our complete satisfaction. - Markus Meixner (Telecommunications Software GmbH)

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