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It Does Not Always Have to Be the Green Card!

The two U.S. Visas, E-1 and E-2, are special visas for businessmen and women and investors who would like to establish businesses in the United States. They enable one to five years of residence, but can be renewed indefinitely. For budding entrepreneurs, this definitely means long-term U.S. residence prospects. Of course, the permanent resident Green Card would be a safer solution because it is not required to be renewed again and again. However, the lottery is getting more and more complicated and. of course, winning in the Green Card Lottery requires some luck.

An alternative to the E-1 and E-2 Visa would, for example, be the U.S. investor green card. For it, applicants must show evidence of a capital of 500,000 € or U.S. $1 million. The two visas are a much simplier way. Of course the decision for the visa is not a fundamental decision against a Green Card as visa holders can certainly still take part in the annual Green Card Lottery.

The E-1 Visa is designed specifically for aspiring commercial entrepreneurs who want to distribute U.S. products from the U.S. into their own country. The E-2 Visa is for investors with general plans for establishing a business in the United States.

E-1 Visa - Conditions

This visa applicant entrepreneur has the chance of an E-1 Visa when, as the founder of his or her company, they have aspirations for "significant trade or business activities between the United States and his own country". An additional condition is that the applicant's country of origin and the U.S. have a trade treaty agreement, which is a given for Germany and the United States. Also, an important criteria of the U.S. deciding for, or against, an application for an E-1 Visa includes the estimated number, or volume, of traded products. One who has sold more than 5,000 products at a price of $50 in his home country has a better chance than one who sells five products at a price of $50,000 even though, in both cases, revenue reached would be the same $250,000.

E-2 Visa - Conditions

The E-2 Visa is used as a "ticket" to live and work in the U.S. for those who want to invest in a commercial project. Here the proper relationship between the intended and the financial investment is critical to the project and actually requires capital. Someone who invests $100,000 into a project for which $200,000 is needed (or invests 50% of the required total) probably has more of a chance for an E-2 Visa than a person who applies for a large $1.5 million project with an investment of only $150,000 because, in this case, the planned investment would be only 10% of the required total.

Important decision criteria for the U.S. in issuing both Visas is usually the submitted business plan of the entrepreneur and/or investors. ALTON assists its clients in their applications for an E-1 or E-2 Visa. As a key to successfully living and working in the United States, our firm works with entrepreneurs in preparing appropriate business plans to help ensure that their visas are issued.
Please contact us if we can help you apply for an E-1 or E-2 Visa. 

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