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ALTON's staff stands ready to provide advice on all possible challenges to be met by entrepreneurs of a LLC or a Corporation. In all phases of their company’s life, we are there for them.  Our firm is proud of its highly competent team, which employees we have introduced into our firm to do the work of ALTON.  We also maintain a network of competent partners such as legal and tax professionals, whose competence we can draw upon for our clients. 

In the initial phase of a new company ALTON answers such clients' questions as:

  • Does my start-up projects in the U.S. have any chance at all to succeed? If so, how do I give it the best chance?
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation - which legal form is the more suitable option for my start-up projects?
  • To be able to act in Europe, what steps are necessary to maintain my LLC or Corporation?

We also advise on important steps for existing businesses, whether it relates to expansion in the United States or to make adjustments in the company's strategy or another realignment. For each challenge, we know the right person. For your convenience, in addition to being extremely active, we are also flexible. If needed, we can be of service in your employee selection, or with your site selection, or even the complete establishment of your offices.  ALTON  is happy to relieve you of any of these and/or a host of other important business tasks.

Really good consultants are not pure theorists! We are good corporate consultants.

Please contact us if you would like to take the next level up to consulting sevices from ALTON.


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After talking to a couple of other services we founded Konect Aviation in 2009 with the help of ALTON LLC. The support, immediate communication responses and professional service was fundamental to our success of setting up a growing company here in the US. Thank you very much! - Ingo Nehls (Konect Aviation LLC)

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