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The standard for what is adequate office space is as different as the enterprises searching for it. Some businesses need just a little office for one or two people, while others look for bigger offices for a lot of employees and might even like to rent whole floors in a skyscraper. And, while for one company high-speed Internet is important, a good location with public transportation is of high importance for another company, and a third company would like to have both.

Max Karagoz, General Manager of ALTON, is also a real estate agent with the international realty firm “Engels & Völkers” and has full access to the real estate database listings of available office space in Florida. With that ALTON can offer the perfect service for our clients’ search for office space - whatever their standards and needs may be. Just let us know exactly know what you are looking for and we will do the looking for you. And if somewhere in Florida the perfect real estate is offered for rent or for sell, we will find it: perhaps even in the same building where our offices are located.


Please contact us if we can help you to find your office space.

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We were looking for a professional service firm able to act quickly and efficiently so that we could break into the U.S. market and begin building our business. After much research we came across Alton LLC and must say: it just doesn't get any better than with Alton LLC. - V. Jürgens (Yucam Overseas)

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